About Us

Who we are:
We are a nonprofit dog rescue operating out of the Camp Bow Wow in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since we are a nonprofit, we survive on our donations and adoption fees and the goodwill of all our supporters. Prior to housing dogs in the rescue, we have worked with other local rescues to help rehome dogs. In 2015, we were able to create our own rescue and since then have adopted out over 1000 dogs! These dogs were all considered not adoptable because they didn’t pass their initial evaluations at the shelter or they were on a euthanasia list because the shelter was too full.

What we do:
We bring in dogs that need a chance to recover from the traumatic experience of being left by their family and put into the shelter system. These dogs would normally fall through the cracks and be euthanized just because there is no room in the shelters or because they are too afraid to pass their evaluations upon entry. We provide an alternative by rehabilitating, retraining and providing a safe and comfortable environment for our dogs so that they can reach their full potential as your loving companion.

How we do it:
Most of our dogs are socialized in small groups and we work with basic training. We give them love and affection to rebuild their trust in people and give them a safe, comfortable environment so that they have a chance to turn back into the loving, faithful family members that we all want. With the help of our staff and volunteers we walk, socialize and train all our dogs to give them the best chance at success in their new home.