Other Rescues

These are the other rescues that we work with and share our love of animals:

From Forgotten to Forever has helped save many animals from Roswell to Montana. They help animals in small towns and cities with limited adopters and give them the chance of a new life by transporting them to rescues in larger population areas with more potential adopters. Without them there would be many animals euthanized just because of limited space and the cost of transport.

A no kill animal shelter in Teller county that makes not only a huge impact in their community but also helps ours by helping to adopt animals into permanent, loving homes.

Mission Statement:

“Forever improving the lives of animals in our community.”

We have worked with All Breed Rescue and Training for years and value their support and continued help with rehab and training dogs to help get them into permanent homes. Over the years they have handled most of the long term rehab cases here in the springs and offer amazing training classes for all types and temperaments of dogs.

Other Rescues (list)